User manual


  • Contains 1 neck massage collar
  • Contains 2 TENS electrodes for the upper back and / or other parts of the body
  • AUTONOMY: depending on the intensity level, between 22 sessions of 20 minutes


  • Between 7h and 22h depending on the intensity level, i.e. between 20 to 60 sessions of 20 minutes.

important battery information:
For the device to work, the batteries must be NEW ALKALINE or LITHIUM type with a voltage of at least 1.5 volts.
Batteries like "SALINE" are often inexpensive but do not work on this device because they are not powerful enough.
The LITHIUM type is the most powerful and allows optimal autonomy, but the ALKALINES work very well too.
Make sure your batteries are fresh.

  1. Insert the batteries in the dedicated compartment

  • Remove the protections from the electrodes and place them on the part of your body that you want (Except the heart). For neck pain we recommend the upper back. It is also possible to place them on the lower back.
  • There is an ON / OFF trigger at the top of the device, slide it to ON.

  • Then press the red "ON" button

  • The default mode is 1, change mode by pressing the "MODE" button (see below).
  • Change intensity level by pressing the low and high buttons
  • Place your necklace around your neck and start your session
  • We recommend 1 session per day lasting 10 to 20 minutes, do not exceed 3 sessions per day.

    Important note: the device works in alternating mode, the electrodes and the collar will not work together. To use the collar, you must disconnect the cables from the electrodes, and to use the electrodes you must connect the cable (the collar will not work), which will make the collar unusable.

    If you have sensitive skin, moisten your neck with a handkerchief or a damp cloth, do not hesitate to moisturize your neck after your session.


    The sensations for the modes are very different and at the same time very difficult to explain, this is why we recommend that you test them and choose the one that suits you best. However, mode 1 is the one that is suitable for the majority.

    Automatic (indicator 1 on)
    Acupuncture (indicator 2 on)
    Push (Indicator 3 on)
    Pressure (Indicators 1 and 3 on)
    Kneading (Indicators 2 and 3 on)
    Beat (Indicators 1, 2 and 3 on)


    The level of intensity you need to choose is relative, it depends on each person. You should not choose too strong a power which will give you a feeling of gene nor a too weak power which will not give you any sensation. You have to find among the 16 intensity levels, the one that will suit you best.

    Legal dispositions

    • Pacemaker: current pacemaker technologies are now designed to resist interference from the massager. However for legal reasons and to cover us, we are obliged to advise against it. You should ask your doctor for advice and in particular to know more about the model in question.
    • Same thing for pregnant women, epileptics and those with heart problems, you should ask your doctor for advice.
    • TENS electrodes should not be used on your chest in the area where your heart or your private parts are located. No problem for the abs, back and other parts of the body.