User manual


  • 1 Neck Collar ACUPEO®
  • 2 Pads TENS
  • 1 User Manual
  • Additional Pads if ordered

You can order new pads compatible with the device by clicking here.


Between 7 and 22 hours, depending on the mode and level of intensity; i.e between 20 and 60 sessions of 20 min.


Batteries are not included as many carriers do not accept them for delivery.
The device uses 2 AAA lithium batteries. Alkaline or saline batteries are not powerful enough for the device.
You can also use rechargeable lithium batteries for greater convenience.


 1. Insert the 2 AAA lithium batteries into the battery compartment:

2. Set the black safety trigger on the device to ON.

*If you want to use the PADS on your body: remove the PADS protection which you will need to keep and put back on after the session. Place them on the parts of the body you want, such as the upper or lower back, shoulders, knees, elbows, hands or feet, etc... But not on the heart, eyes, brain or throat.

3. Press the red "ON" button to switch on the appliance. You should hear a beep.
If you don't hear a beep, it's either because you haven't used LITHIUM batteries, or because you've inserted them incorrectly (check carefully), or because you haven't turned the black safety trigger ON.

4. The default mode on switch-ON is 1. You can change mode by pressing the red "MODE" button. There are 6 modes available and you need to experiment with the modes yourself to find out which one suits you best:

Basic pulse (indicator 1 on)
Acupuncture (indicator 2 on)
Push (Indicator 3 on)
Pressure (Indicators 1 and 3 on)
Kneading (Indicators 2 and 3 on)
Beat (Indicators 1, 2 and 3 on)

*Once the device is switched on, it will emit a small TENS current. This current acts on the pain receptors, switching them off. The device is regulated with a compliant current, however if you touch the device with your fingers this may surprise you as fingers are very sensitive, but do not worry: this is normal.

5. Put the collar around your neck, bearing in mind that the collar and pads work in alternating mode; if you plug in the pads, the collar won't work. For the collar to work, you must unplug the pads. You have to choose what you want to start with.

6. The level of intensity to choose is relative and depends on each person. You shouldn't choose too much power, which will make you feel uncomfortable, or too little power, which won't give you any sensation at all. You need to find the intensity level that suits you best from among the 16 available.

*If you have sensitive skin, moisturise your skin with a highly hydrating cream 15 minutes before the session (to allow your skin to absorb it and dry) and immediately after the session.

*We recommend 1 session per day lasting 10 to 20 minutes, do not exceed 3 sessions per day.

Legal advice:

Our ergonomic TENS emits a small current:
Do not use the device on the heart, eyes, genitals, brain or throat; Do not use the device in the shower or bath; Recent pacemakers are often compatible but you must ask your cardiologist, as is the case for other heart devices/problems; You must ask the doctor's advice if you are pregnant or if you have a particular medical condition such as epilepsy.